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  • T3 hormone is a popular product that provides extremely low amount of fat in the body. The active substance is T3 AKA liotyronin sodium, a synthetic equivalent of a hormone produced in the thyroid gland, which supports metabolism. T3 is used for the treatment of thyroid function. T3 contributes to better and faster combustion of fat, protein and carbohydrates, which leads to loss of fat and gain on extremely hard muscles. What's more, the user is not limited in the daily income of calories. T3 is thus used in steroids for lean muscle mass before competitions. In our online pharmacy, other oral steroids are also available like Anadrol 50mg.


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    T3 for sale in UK

    It is generally found that synthetic thyroid hormone abuse will lead to permanent thyroid dysfunction.
    Thyroid hormones are naturally synthesized in our body, but because the molecules are not complex, many pharmaceutical companies make the synthetic variation of the hormones. There are two basic types of thyroid hormones - T4 known as levothyroxin and T3 known as liotyronin. Both are manufactured and stored in the thyroid gland. Thyroid hormone from the pharmaceutical companies is obtained in 2 ways. Either originates from the animal's thyroid (cattle or sheep sources) or is made synthetically.
    Thyroid hormone absorbs easily from the stomach into the blood stream. The onset of action is quite fast and usually occurs in a couple of hours. However, the peak activity of the hormone can take several days. Thyroid hormone usually stays in the body for a few days after a single administration. One of the reasons that thyroid hormone stays in the body for a couple of days is the blood binding to albumin and protected from hepatic decomposition.


    The drug called T3 hormone contains Sodium hydroxide has been sold in different names of companies. Cytomel or Tiromel dates back to the 1890s. You can buy Tiromel from us with delivery guarantee. In the 1890s, veterinary medicine was used for animal bones and organs. In the 1950s it was produced as a synthetic thyroid hormone for use in human medicine. Especially products used to increase athletes performance and have also been used to treat hypothyroidism and have had effective results.

    Use and dosage

    Cytomel must take into account the use of a drug that has a high effect on thyroid hormones. The product, which changes the use in different cures, should be used for a maximum of 12 weeks. Users should not exceed 100 to 120 mg per day. Especially when used as reinforcement in steroid treatments, the most effective results are 100 to 120 mg. Advanced users must not exceed 150 mg.

    Side Effects

    Possible adverse effects of using Cytomel T3 (Liothyronin Sodium) include:
    fast or irregular heart rhythm
    Feels weak
    Mood swings
    muscle weakness
    Restlessness (extreme)
    Signs of allergic skin reaction (eg rash, itching)

    Stop taking T3 tablets and seek medical attention immediately if at least one of the following side effects occurs:
    chest pain;
    Signs of myocardial infarction (for example, chest pain, anxiety, pressure or chest tightness, paleness, breathlessness, pain spreading to the shoulders, neck, jaw).

    Some patients may experience side effects other than those listed. Contact your pharmacist if you have any side effects that make you sick when taking Cytomel.