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    Methyltestosteron is an oral available form of the primary manual androgentestosterone. Methyltestosteron represents a synthetic oral anabolic steroid that is known in body building for long time. Methyltestosterone classified as c-17 alfa-alkylered, and this subject is derivative by testosteron. It is used to treat insufficient production of testosterone (does not stimulate the body for its production, but serves as its direct replacement) of men. In our online pharmacy, you can also buy Turinabol tablets.


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    Steroid Profile of Methlestestosteron
    Activity for the subject: 6-8 hours
    Classification: Anabolic / androgenic steroid
    Method of use: in the form of tablets
    Dosage: Male 10-50 mg / day
    Acne: Yes (in large doses or in people with predisposition)
    Water retention: High
    High blood pressure: Yes
    Hepatotoxicity: High
    Aromatas: High
    DHT conversion (dehydrotestosterone): No.
    Reduction of HPTA function (development of own testosterone): Yes
    Detection time: 4-6 weeks (approximately because the DC device is constantly improving in the search for methods for detecting prohibited substances, it should be noted that it depends on athletes

    Use of Methyltestosteron

    Most often, athletes use 10-50mg per day for a month. It should be noted that Methyltestosterone is often used as an incentive for aggression. People who engage in motorsport often try to use this feature to increase the intensity of training or the result at competitions.
    According to the effect, this steroid is an androgen with moderate anabolic effect. This happens when a methyl group is placed at position c-17, the final steroid has a lower anabolic activity than its previous testosterone. It should also be noted that it has strong estrogenic properties, there is another, it is improved if this group is added (when the steroid is susceptible to the aromatase enzyme).
    The problem is that it is converted into a more biologically active estrogen with -17 alpha-methyl estradiol. The methyl group of c-17 alpha actually affects the slowdown of the aromatization process, but 17-alpha-methyl estradiol is too strong and the methyl group can not compensate for this.
    It should also be noted that this drug has a very short half-life, in this respect it must be attributed several times a day to achieve a stable blood level. All of this contributes to an increase in side effects, making Methyltestosterone ineffective for muscle building. If you take enough hormone for a normal result, you must put up many estrogenic side effects, such as fluid retention and gynecomastia, and they can be very serious when taking this steroid.

    Side effects

    When Methyltestosterone is taken at low doses, side effects are rare. However, long-term use is known to be associated with a varied number of side effects, all of which are reversible when the drug is stopped. For the woman who decides to take Methyltestosterone there are viralizing side effects that are not always reversible when the drug is stopped.

    Like all anabolic steroids, Methyltestosterone also has a number of side effects that include:
    stomach cramps,
    increased / decreased libido,
    oily skin,
    mental changes including anger,
    hair loss,

    When taken by women, the drug can definitely cause adverse effects like
    deepening of voice,
    strong hair growth,
    enlarged clitoris,
    irregular menstrual cycles.