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  • Igtropin is very popular among athletes because it has a high fat-combustion effect and helps to increase quality muscle mass. Igtropin can significantly improve power performance. This drug significantly increases physical performance, so it is necessary to draw up a training regimen, not to injure your muscles and avoid sprains. Efficiency of Igtropin can be compared with the efficiency of natural growth hormone. Also an advantage is that the drug has beneficial effects on the immune system, which helps to strengthen the body during exercise and speeds up the recovery process. The active of Igtropin is Long R3 IGF-1 whose generic name is IGF-1 LR3.


    Igtropin 10mcg/vial

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    Growth hormone is formed in the pituitary gland, which is a small gland on the underside of the brain. Growth hormone production and release is controlled by middle-brain hormones (hypothalamus). Growth hormone increases the release of growth stimulants, IGF, and in a complicated system between hypothalamus, pituitary and IGF, the level of growth hormone is maintained normal.

    Competitive advantages

    -Average decrease of 14% in fat
    -8.8% average increase in muscle and lean constitutions
    -Improved skin texture resulting in a younger appearance
    -Less skin wrinkles
    -Increased bone density, reversal of osteoporosis
    -Faster healing of any type of injury, fracture, or injury
    -Immunity and resistance significantly increased to infection
    -Augmented brain function, intellect retention with aging
    -Improvement in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's syndromes
    -Improved libido
    -Improvement of overall physical and mental well-being
    -Improved exercise tolerance
    -Improved mood, with less depression and fatigue
    -Improved heart and kidney function
    -Greater cardiac output
    -Elimination of cellulite

    Igtropin (Long-R3 IGF-1) Dosage:

    This medicine stands for Insulin-like growth factor. Igtropin IGF-1 lR3 (Long-R3 IGF-1) has an important role in childhood growing and stays to have anabolic results in adults. In youth, human growth hormone is responsible for the natural muscle advance. There are many changed effects that this drug does in the human organism. At present, the best length for a course of Igtropin (Long-R3 IGF-1) is 50 days on and 20-40 days off.
    The most common dosage ranges between 20mcg each day to 120mcg day by day. As to the optimum dosage, you could inquire your personal health care provider. You should never exceed the maximum dose because that will case some side effects. Before using the medication, you should consult your personal health care provider whether you can use the medication or not.

    Side effects

    The use of Igtropin has very specific side effects, which are not less dangerous than those that occur when you are using classical anabolic androgenic steroids. Among them, there may be hyperglycaemia (increased sugar levels), decreased thyroid function, and enlargement of the heart and internal organs or gigantism. Lastly, the use of HGH can contribute to the emergence of leukemia. What's more, Igtropin is not used alone sometimes, but in combination with classic anabolic androgenic steroids. Therefore, their side effects can cumulate for this reason.